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CONRADI MORRISON & CO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS provide services to small businesses.


Accommodation addresses available in Dartford from Conradi Morrison & Co Chartered Accountants. We recognise that for some small businesses which do not have an office the owners do not always want to use their home for their business address but do need full office facilities. Therefore, for the sum of 40 per month we will allow you to use one of our office addresses.
If you so require, we will also place your business name on our board in the office entrance hall. All post will be kept for your collection or forwarded to yourself in large, stamped addressed envelopes which we would ask you to provide.
You may also use the address free of charge as your company's registered office address (one only).


We also have offices to rent in central Dartford at 4 Summerhill Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2LP. These range in price from 38 - 135 per week inclusive of business and water rates (please note there is a small additional charge for gas and electricity). These offices have 24 hour access, are alarmed and have a car park at the front of the building. Please telephone 01322 278 188 for further details of available offices.


All companies, in accordance with the Companies Act, must have a registered office where official documents may be served. It may not always be apropriate or desirable for the registered office to be the same office as the trading address, especially when the trading address is the home of one of the directors.
Therefore, we allow you to use one of our offices as the registered office of your company for a fee of 150 per annum. This fee allows you to describe the registered office as one of your offices on your headed note paper and file the particulars at Companies House.
This fee does not include any necessary communications costs for which we reserve the right to charge separately.


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Dartford office:
Haslemere, 4 Summerhill road

Kent DA12LP


Tel Dartford 01322 278188

Fax Dartford 01322271 788